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Offshore embedded Real-Time transactional database development services

Maxpro, Inc provides IT services that enable database software and embedded systems solution providers to accelerate development cycles and reduce time to market. Delivering cross-platform portable embedded database solution for our clients, Maxpro, Inc Embedded database development service offers a low-cost development for effective storage of metadata, real-time databases for set-top boxes, network devices, industrial controllers, consumer electronics, office devices, etc.

The database services provided by the specialists of Maxpro, Inc is a offshore database development of portable professional relational DBMS with”client-server” architecture. We also develop for our clients Call- interfaces, embedded SQL (compliant with ANSI/ISO SQL-92) 4GL language, application development tools, ODBC, JDBC, OCI, dbExpress, TCL/TK, PERL, PHP and DBI interfaces, and DBF file converters.

With over 14 years of data management expertise, Maxpro, Inc offers a comprehensive variety of specialized consulting services:

Database and Application Performance Tuning – we help our customers to optimize performance of the database servers, databases and applications.

Application and Database Upgrade – Provide services in upgrading from older versions to newer database versions to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Product Evaluation – Assist in product evaluations, development of proof of concept, benchmark or application prototype.

Migration Services – Migrate applications from other database products (e.g. Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, mySQL) to any other RDBMS.

Porting – Porting to hardware platforms and different software OS.

Maxpro, Inc develops and implements Embedded database solutions
that support Full SQL including transactions, stored procedures, triggers, referential integrity and multi-user concurrency. And it does all of this without any risk of deadlocks.
This total support for SQL distinguishes our services in Embedded database development from other small footprint databases on the market:

– Small Footprint enhances use of RDBMS for compact applications.

– Kernel and SQL Interface allows multilevel control for optimization and rapid prototyping.

– Fast Bulk Data Handling allows fast performance for flat file access speeds for binary objects.

– Unlimited Attributes and File Indexes optimize performance.

– Built-in Stored Modules reduce development time by providing the power to create reusable functions for data manipulation.

– Triggers and Stored Procedures are stored and executed directly on the server and enhance the efficiency of database applications by eliminating repetitive coding and making automation process easier.

– No Database Pre-Partitioning is required, thereby making optimal use of the native O/S file system.

– Referential Constraints and Range Checks ensure data integrity.

– Full support for SQL-92 transitional (as def. ANSI/ISO SQL-92). The transitional SQL standard covers complete Entry, most of Intermediate and many important components of Full SQL-92.

– Unicode support according to the latest 3.2 standard from the Unicode consortium.

– Support the following network protocols: IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, NetBIOS, DECNe.

Development Environment

Maxpro, Inc Embedded database development contains a complete development environment enabling developers to easily design and build databases on the desktop. Once finished, the database just needs to be uploaded to the device. Database development can even be tested on the desktop before uploading. All database administration and database upgrade can be done in the same development computer.

Submitting SQL Statements
SQL statements can be submitted interactively with the Call-Interface or executed from a text file.

Database Server

Our Development team performed a development of a tiny-footprint Database Server for monitoring and controlling embedded devices and providing connectivity to data .
The Database Server provides a full-function, stable, fast, and reliable server that is very easy to install and maintain. The development was done in a way to easily migrate an existing databases to the database Server implementatio and the customer applications could continue to access the database via API. The Database Server programming was performed to be an easy-configured product that requires very little attention from its administrator.


In a past we developed embedded database solutions for our clients to synchronize two or more databases within separate hardware instances through communication channels implemented over standard or proprietary communication protocols.
The database project Maxpro, Inc worked for has a reliable data security system. The backup copying system and the transaction mechanism protect the data from hardware failures.

Database for Windows/Unix/PocketPC

Under Windows, our development team created several development tools to work with databases. This includes Visual Basic, VB.NET, ODBC, C/C++, .NET, C#, Visual C++, Borland C++Builder, ASP .NET, PHP, Crystal Reports, and more.
By using the develop solution our clients could create single user, networked multi-user and client/server applications. A user can choose to create pure Java client programs for maximum portability (client/server only), or create Java programs for maximum database speed.


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