RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows enterprises to track goods and assets around the world. These tags are supported by sophisticated software architecture so that real time data processing can take place. RFID finds numerous applications in today’s industries. Some of them are:

  • Inventory Management: RFID solutions improve efficiency and reduce management cost by providing correct information about the actual inventory levels.
  • Asset Management: RFID solutions improve tractability of assets and so lower acquisition and handling costs.
  • Product Authentication: RFID solutions can provide protection from counterfeiting that has the potential of damaging the companies’ reputation.

RFID generates huge volumes of data. Each RFID tag carries information like product attributes, dimensions and prices. Handling the immense amount of data and as well as correlating the ID to other information involves many complications. If mishandled, it may lead to delays, communication disruptions and also to congestion and breakdown of the network. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a middleware between the RFID hardware and enterprise system which can filter redundant information and pass information that is requested or related to situation that is changed.

We, at Maxpro, Incs, have knowledge of business practices, technical expertise and experience of developing intelligent solutions that can efficiently handle and process data generated by RFID. Our solutions have enabled companies use RFID for business applications ; thereby optimizing supply chain, decreasing cost while increasing productivity.

RFID Solutions

RFID has numerous application in tracking goods and assets. A middleware between the hardware and enterprise system is needed to void congestion and breakdown of the network
Our knowledge of business practices, technical expertise and expertise enables us to develop intelligent solution.
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