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Outsourcing Device Driver Development Offshore

What is device driver? A device driver is a collection of subroutines and data within the kernel that constitutes the software interface to an I/O device. Maxpro Inc has experience in development of both types of device drivers: character and block drivers.

In a past some of our development managers have worked with Logitech in research and development of the latest input devices: Sensor Touch Pad (for pen and finger), analog joysticks (the cursor navigated based on earth gravitation), precise mechanical mouse, calculation algorithms for data output from field sources, etc.
Our developers have received several patents in this field and in particular in the analog joystick design area.

Below is a list of device driver areas where our team has domain expertise:

  • Win32, Windows CE at DDK level
  • Linux at kernel and device driver level
  • Porting device drivers between any of the above OS
  • Symbian EPOC-32 mobile OS
  • Serial devices: RS232C, RS422, IrDA and USB
  • Plug ‘n Play

Case Study: Printer driver development

The rapid development of the Linux platform in the recent years lead to some problems associated with the absence of full support from some leading software companies. One of the leading electronic manufactures met the same issue. They contacted us to develop a component for a new printer line to show a printer connected to a Linux machine as a NetWare print-server.

The main difficulty was that Novell provides development tools only for DOS and Win32, and does not document internal NDS components. There is a Novell client in Linux, but its capabilities were obviously not enough.

In the course of the project, a fully functional version of the printer driver with native SPX support was developed. Since the documentation obtained from Novell was insufficient for this purpose, part of the required information was found out through reengineering. The project was successfully completed within the time frames set by the customer.
Technologies: C, IPX/SPX, NetWare, NDS


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