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We, at Maxpro, Inc are committed to delivering high quality solutions to our clients. We believe in forming long term relationship with our clients and are committed to making each and every project a success. We take every measure to ensure that we exceed our clientsl expectations. We have adopted best practices for our processes.

  • Knowledge Transfer Process l Our general procedure involves
  • Initial interview is done to understand the scope of the project
  • Analysis of information collected. Based on this, a concept ladder is created
  • Semi-structured interview with questions from concept ladder
  • Analysis of interview for knowledge type is done. Knowledge elements present are represented with models like grid, ladder, network diagrams
  • If required, then validation of knowledge acquired is done by discussing it with other members. This is done only in case of complex systems
  • Knowledge models, structured texts used with techniques like think aloud problem solving, grids used for discussion with clientls

Quality Management

The purpose of Quality management process is to ensure that quality of the project is maintained and we are working in the right direction to meet our clients requirements. This is done by proper documentations like knowledge transfer documentation, business requirement documentation, process documentation, change documentation and tools like Bug tracking, Issue tracking and tool like Online Project Management System.

Risk management

Early in the life cycle of Software development, all risks associated with the project are identified, categorized and prioritized. Risks like technology failure, low user acceptance level, application failure, attrition of staff and non availability of required skills are potential problem areas that can adversely affect the success of the project. Proper mitigation plans are formulated and integrated with the SDLC cycle.

Change management

We understand that during the course of the project, the requirements of the project can change. Changing requirements can increase cost as well as have an impact on schedule. We work very hard to ensure that the changes in the requirements have minimal impact on the project. We make sure that the client is involved in the entire life cycle of the project through effective and regular communication. Also, in place of waterfall approach, we adopt spiral progressive approach. Flexibility in the structure of the project is ensured by adopting RUP, Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies and UML modeling.


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